BY Jonathan Kociuba


A punk rock, Kaiju rock em sock em story that revolves around the mending of a relationship between a Father and Daughter. 


BY Jonathan Kociuba

Artist Steve Barker is trying to make sense of his recent breakup by recreating his happier moments as a comic book. Instead, he opens  a port hole forcing him to confront his characters as he descends further within the panels of his own pages. 


Will he ever return to reality? 






of This 

By Suzanne Alyssa Andrew

and Jonathan Kociuba

What if instead of making an impossible decision, you could have it all?

All of This is a sci-fi love story set in Toronto’s condoland.


All of This re-imagines Humpty Dumpty for today: if you split your life apart, you can’t necessarily put it back together, no matter how entitled you are.

Published May, 2018

Debut at The Toronto Comic Arts Festival